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The Trager Approach

The Trager Approach was developed and refined for over 50 years by Milton Trager, MD. Based on the conviction that physical change follows a change of mind, Dr. Trager developed a unique and highly effective method that skillfully reaches the nervous system by addressing the body in singular ways.

Benefits of Trager

The Trager Approach is gentle on the body and ideal for all ages including the elderly and those with limited mobility. Traditional massage leaves your body feeling tired and fatigued, The Trager Approach is designed to work with your body to ease muscle discomfort and provide relaxation. Trager gives a unique opportunity to awaken the senses and unwind.

What to Expect from Your Visit

How Does It Work

Using the language of touch and movement they promote sensory awareness and ease of movement. Trager sessions include gentle bouncing, stroking, elongations and a variety of playful body movements received in a calming, pleasurable atmosphere. Cumulative in nature, this work promotes ease, physical mobility, and a renewed lasting awareness of agelessness.

At Diamond Venue Salon & Spa, all our Trager practitioners are certified by the US Trager Association. For our clients privacy, there is a dedicated private room with soothing sounds and relaxing scents to help you truly unwind and get in touch with your body and mind. 

How Does It Work
Your Visit
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